About me...

I’m Madelaine Cohen, and for over 25 years I’ve had the privilege of working with senior business leaders in the Government, Nonprofit and Private sectors. My primary goal is to help you enhance your leadership abilities, operate at a higher frequency, expand your intuition, and achieve greater happiness and success.


As a business leader, mentor, and entrepreneur; I bring a deep sense of generosity to my work with leaders like you. My focus is on sharing innovative conscious communication strategies and “light bulb moments” in areas such as leadership development, communications, marketing planning, commercialisation, sales, and business and financial success.


Using an intuitive approach, we work together to uncover and empower your authenticity, ultimately making you a more influential and empowered leader.

Here's the truth...

To experience profound and lasting change, it’s essential to transform your thinking, emotions, and behaviour. This is why lateral thinking and empowering your authenticity as a leader is crucial for your overall success.

About Madelaine Cohen

With that being said…

I can help you overcome any personal or professional blockages and provide insights into the nature of those blocks. As an energetic intuitive, I offer growth, awareness, and guidance.


With certification as an NLP Master Practitioner and Trainer, I provide guidance and tailored support; helping you find the confidence to navigate complex issues such as career progression, practical problem-solving, leadership, change management, communication and much more.


Driven by a desire to help people unpack the many frustrations of modern-day life; you may also see me pop up on your television screen as a media commentator on topics including stress management and leadership communication.