Keynote Speaker Bio

To book me as a Keynote Speaker for your event, please look at my previous topics and speaker bio below. Get in touch if you think we are a good fit.

Keynote Speaker Bio

To book me as a Keynote Speaker for your event, please look at my previous topics and speaker bio below. Get in touch if you think we are a good fit.

Why invite Madelaine Cohen to speak at your next event?

You will discover why conscious communication is so important in today’s world. Everyone wants to have the best outcome and now is the time to do this deliberately.

Discover how when you make simple changes to the way you communicate you will initiate deeper conversations and get more positive results.

Hear how the solution is hidden in plain sight. When you consciously know what to look for you can easily identify the key elements of the drama and objectively create the solution.

Learn how conscious communication helps you ask quality questions. When you do this you will truly collaborate with others and you make a positive impact.

It is through accessing a higher quality of resonating with others you can build emotional intelligence, health and happiness.

If you would like to explore how conscious communication can expand your life, leadership and business, invite Madelaine to your next event to experience how this is possible.

Who is Madelaine Cohen?

Madelaine Cohen is a successful business leader and entrepreneur. Generous in sharing her most innovative communication strategies and “light bulb moment” experiences. These are quite beneficial in leadership development, communications, marketing planning, commercialisation, sales, business and financial success. Her approach is innovative, entertaining and above all incredibly practical and life changing.

Madelaine Cohen as a Businesswoman

A businesswoman who’s self-made success involves working with Government based organisation and some of the largest companies in the world.

With 25 years of experience as an entrepreneur, accredited training leader, mindsets expert, speaker, and mentor, the leadership capability she has is expansive. Such capability allows her to deliver results for senior executives and business owners.

At the age of 20, she retired to be an entrepreneur and has inspiring stories of hard work, immense personal and professional challenges, opportunities and success.

Madelaine Cohen as a Keynote Speaker

She’s an entertaining keynote speaker, marketing and brand expert who mentors business people in the service sector to help them truly excel in professional development, communication excellence, influence, wealth creation, and leadership.

Speaking Formats

  • Presentations of 20, 40 and 60 minutes
  • Half and full day workshops
  • Lunch and Learn
  • Media interviews
  • Networking events

Past clients

  • Chiropractors Association of Australia
  • Dynamic Growth Experiences (DGE)
  • Melbourne Commonwealth Games – Licensing and Sponsorship Conferences
  • Sydney 2000 Olympic Games Licensing Conferences
  • MLC Insurance

Speaking Topics

Service Industry Secret – Buy Once, Customer for Life

Being good at marketing is a key to sales success. When you miss the opportunity after having spent money to attract the sale, you waste resources.

The fact is that the cost of making every first sale is high and unless the focus is on retention, the initial marketing is a drain of time and money. This is not about a complicated digital marketing system, this is about people interacting with people in businesses where this is required for success.

What you will discover are the 3 essential marketing elements to lifetime client engagement:

  • How to establish a “follow up” system prior to the client’s first purchase
  • Seek to understand and then be understood
  • Operate on the principle that the purchaser is committed to ongoing purchasing until they explicitly opt out

“The Hero’s Journey” – What Really Happens When You Accept the Call

The Hero’s Journey describes a process that comes up with every opportunity for advancement in life. It takes you through the lifespan of each opportunity to get to the final outcome. Just like in life, we have hesitations, obstacles and accelerated progress at different stages.

When you map this out on the Hero’s Journey you are able to negotiate through anything with a worthwhile outcome by knowing where you are at any stage of the journey.

The benefit of reading the map is you will follow through and finish the call:

  • Discover the map, that when read accurately, leads to upgrades in all areas of your life
  • You will see obstacles very differently
  • Learn the secrets of influence
  • Have a useful tool to overcome procrastination

Drama is Dead

Drama has become the behaviour of choice for feeling significant in life and yet it rarely delivers the happiness that you seek.

With the resource of understanding the roles people play in drama and what each person is truly seeking enables you to bring out the best in yourself, others and virtually any situation.

What you will discover is:

  • A useful tool to help change someone’s emotional state
  • Effective in conflict resolution
  • A leadership resource for team management
  • The heart of conscious communication

Upgrade Your Business With Lateral Thinking

When it comes to upgrading your business we play small because we want to be loved. And yet being bold and making an impact is truly where we are of service.

When you upgrade your business using lateral thinking you are using a process that is holistic, generous, thoughtful and designed to make a positive impact in your community with a ripple effect to the world. The key to lateral thinking is to be considerate.

What you will learn is:

  • The secret of how to reverse engineer solutions
  • How to apply lateral thinking to all areas of your life
  • How to welcome the opportunity to solve a problem instead of wanting to avoid it
  • How to make robust decisions confidently
  • How to use the skill of lateral thinking to bring out the genius in others


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