Intuitive Mentoring

Intuitive Mentoring

How would you like to be respected for being who you are without having to defend yourself or be bullied for being different? Absolutely, you’d love this, and that’s why we are working together! When you know what your core values and true boundaries are you will no longer attract people and experiences that undermine you. I have a simple system to help you identify where you are in the moment and resources to bring you back into balance in any situation.

What would it feel like to be fully equipped to deliver magic in all areas of your work and life without feeling like an imposter? One million percent! You can resolve all feelings of inadequacy when you understand the 3 sides of the imposter triangle. When you get this, your business will operate at its highest potential.

What would it look like if your genius was delivered in a way that every person inspired to buy your product or service achieved awesome results? Well for a start you would feel incredibly proud! With my proven system for attracting and retaining repeat clients, your business will flourish and you haven’t spent any more marketing dollars.

Can you imagine always having the right words to communicate effectively with your team so they are inspired to always go above and beyond? It’s such a relief! It makes your life easy. When you learn my four principles of staff empowerment, you get great value from your team, free time, you feel supported and the business grows even more. It also improves the self-confidence of your team which empowers them to take initiative and implement their ideas without burdening you with micro-management tasks.

What if you could juggle the financial management of your business well and sleep soundly at night? I can tell you it is life changing for you and your family! When you understand and integrate my proven system for lateral thinking and problem solving your business will thrive and even make money while you sleep.

Wouldn’t it be exciting to always successfully bring over the line any tough negotiation? Of course it would! Through my unique four-step process you will discover a simple formula for negotiation analysis where the outcome is only win:win:win and it invariably makes a bigger positive impact in the world than completing the negotiation itself.

One-on-One Sessions

When a leader lifts, everyone around them lifts too.

The work you do with me, has a ripple effect on everyone in your life. You will lead conscious communication within your family, relationships, businesses, and make an impact. Learning how you can make an impact rather than what you can get from a situation, will transform how you engage with the world.

Where I have been

In my working career I have delivered over $100M in sales to my clients and I thrive on helping people from what feels like a blank page. I have made a career of putting myself in situations that are seeming impossible – eg., like someone far removed from the boys sports club ending up in sports marketing negotiating multi-million dollar international deals; and a non-doctor owning one of the most successful healthcare practices in Australia.

All at the same time negotiating my way through 6 years of IVF to completing a complex divorce settlement in 3 months without a lawyer. We continue to work together and co-parent happy children who excel at school, music and sport.

The high road isn’t easy, but at the same time it doesn’t have to be a drama that feels like it is destroying your life. When you have the resources to make the complex into simple, you can get through it with grace and dignity.

I have walked the path before you, everything I share with you is possible, because I have done it!

How it works

  • Your session starts with me from the moment you book, I will get a sense of you and determine the best strategy for our time together.
  • I typically work with clients by phone and/or Skype, so you can be anywhere for these sessions; you could be in an airport lounge, in your car, out in the garden, in your living room. I don’t want our mentoring to be an interruption in your life, I will fit each session around you.
  • Sessions are for 1 hour, weekly or fortnightly, for 12 months. All sessions are recorded and I will send you this audio file at the end of each session.
  • Payments are made by direct debit every month, so you don’t need to spend the mental energy remembering to pay. Some of my clients have their sessions paid for by the company they work for.

These sessions can cover how to:

  • Accelerate your career success
  • Learn how to deal with drama
  • Rise above workplace stress
  • Learn what’s behind the words people say
  • Achieve holistic health outcomes
  • Innovate and save time
  • Become even more productive
  • Create a life of balance
  • Set and maintain healthy boundaries
  • Take relationships to a higher level
  • Find people who you resonate with
  • Attract prosperity in your life

Feedback from Clients

I have really loved working with Maddi on my business. She inspires me and she helps me become more aware of so many  other possibilities.

She helps you see the way is to always go for the highest good and to aim for the  best and not settle.

She has assisted me with understanding what my business requires,  especially working with your staff. She is a dynamic business leader and has so much to offer the business community.

Best of all she helps you see the positive out of a negative situation.

Houng Lau

Director, Eastern Therapies Pty Ltd

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