About Me

When a problem is viewed through the eyes of a lateral thinking entrepreneur, the solution is often unique and unexpected.

About Me

When a problem is viewed through the eyes of a lateral thinking entrepreneur, the solution is often unique and unexpected.

Hi, my name is Madelaine Cohen

I’ve been blessed with the gift of high vibrational intuition and the ability to transform this ability into my life, career and business success.

I have the skill to look laterally and multi-dimensionally and to go beyond any stories and limitations, blind spots and missed blessings that are holding you back from the life you are destined to thrive in beyond anything you may have imagined possible.

In the early-1990’s, I started my first business as a consumer products marketing expert which comprise of consulting for 15 years to Olympic, Commonwealth, and Asian Games Committees. My team delivered profitable and innovative multi-million dollar marketing programs to major sporting event organising committees globally.  At the same time, I consulted and became the owner of a successful clinic in the healthcare industry.

I am the owner of Chirofamily Chirosports, a well loved Chiropractic clinic in Sydney’s Eastern Suburbs. It was established for more than 20 years. I am probably one of the only non-practitioner owners of a successful independent healthcare practice in Chiropractic industry in Australia.  This success in diverse business interests has been attributed to my mindset, leadership, and marketing. Intuitive, and a lateral thinker, I reverse engineer business opportunities with formidable success.

As a business mentor, my experience and expertise transforms draining to amazing with step by step solutions and immediate results. Likewise, I am a practised and entertaining keynote speaker, marketing and brand expert who mentors business people in the service sector. This is to help them truly excel in professional development, communication excellence, influence, wealth creation, and leadership.

My Story

For over 25 years, I’ve had the honour of working with amazing souls just like you including parents, people balancing career happiness, aspiring leaders, CEO’s, business owners, and senior business leaders from the Government, Nonprofit and Private sectors.

I am a successful business leader, business mentor, life happiness mentor and entrepreneur. I have a deep generosity in how I work.  I am a lightworker who lives and thrives in the corporate world. I am an intuitive without the incense and woo woo.

I strongly believe that if we look at the world through different eyes and respond to it in a different way, then we can transform ourselves and live to our highest potential. I have spent 25 years watching people get frustrated by this. I get it. It’s hard. You need someone by your side, helping you unpack it all. That’s my mission and the legacy I want to leave. I need to avert a looming healthcare crisis and it is time to act now.

My Mission

My mission is to help you by sharing the most innovative life strategies “light bulb moments” in ways you can use starting today. When you can feel, hear and see the world with fresh certainty incredible changes are possible.  Your new insights transform your leadership in all areas of your life; including authentically bringing out your innate best in your self-talk, personal relationships, friendships, career and business communication style, influence, financial, health, and in your true self-confident life success.

Entertaining and above all incredibly practical and life changing – together we uncover and empower your authenticity, resulting in you becoming an even more influential and empowered leader.


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