3 Great Tips for Aspiring Entrepreneurs

Jul 8, 2018 | Entrepreneurs |

I believe that by helping each other, everyone benefits.

As someone who started my first successful business at the age of 21, some 25 years ago I am passionate about sharing what I have learnt with other up-and-coming entrepreneurs.

These are my top 3 tips for anyone who is looking to build their own business and set up their independent lifestyle:

1.Look for 2%

The 2% are amongst the 98% of people who say no, it cannot be done and regularly need management by committee to get things done.  To be effective as an entrepreneur you first need to willing to do the work that 98% of people will never do.  In 2% you effect change and lead a massive result of actions that create a better life for others.  When you are being creative and expansive with your ideas and you receive hesitation from others ask them this questions:  “If it could be done, what might it look like?” You are looking for expansive success and the pathway that only 2% of people will ever take.  Align yourself with the 2% who find the pathway and be in the top 2% always and in all ways.

2.Embrace change and challenges

Your ability to have a high degree of behavioural flexibility as an entrepreneur is defining for your success.  In business you will find aspects of the pace of change and challenges that may be unexpected and can create drama.  Behavioural flexibility means keeping your personal way of interacting with others at a very high vibrational level at all times.  It means always taking the position of observation in the face of drama and problems, stepping outside the issue and looking at it like you are watching a movie, seeing the “gift in strange wrapping” and maintaining your focus on being of service as the main driver in the success of your business.  As you embrace change and go through challenges by eliminating drama your success becomes an express train. Your ability to do this will create a slipstream of alignment and success in your business actions.

3. Self-control

When it comes to self-control I am going to share something with you that only a lateral-thinking entrepreneur could share:  Withholding your ultimate authenticity in the essence of you serves no one.  Switch on the on the absolute authenticity of your attributes as a leader and an entrepreneur and use these everyday in your business life.  Your role as a business leader is to bring out the best in yourself and others. Just think for a moment off the top of your head who the the most successful and inspiring entrepreneurs are in the world? What qualities are most familiar in these people?  You will find their genuine authenticity and ability to bring out the best in others is a key to their success.  This is the same in you.