The Lateral-Thinking Entrepreneur

33 Principles for Strategic Leadership

What you will get from reading this book and applying my principles.

You will:

  • Bring your thoughts and ideas alive by learning how to unpack them and apply them in your life.
  • Have practical resources for leadership and business success that you can use starting today.
  • Leverage your time and bring out the best in other people.
  • Know how to bring together all of the unique and authentic facets of who you are so you can live in your head, your heart, your body, your business, the world and the universe with greater ease and freedom being congruent to all of who you are.  
  • Be you the entrepreneur.

Discover how to use the 33 strategies of a lateral thinking entrepreneur to transform your business success.

Do you have a sense that you are ready to bring the absolutely authentic and congruent essence of who you truly are into everything you do in your career and business?  Is now the right time for you to discover how to combine all of who you are into everyday of your life?

In her new book The Lateral Thinking Entrepreneur – 33 Principles for Expansive Leadership Madelaine Cohen shares the intuitive thought processes, lateral thinking and reverse engineering that enabled her to become an entrepreneur at age 21 and has led her to develop multi-million dollar marketing and business processes for the last 25 years.  It is easy to learn and use in your own career and business and can transform your success while integrating your true-self into everything you do.

Transforming your career and service business 

Anyone can apply the processes and steps to transforming your career, service business and wealth creation and bring forward your unique authentic self as you integrate every day.  You can do it too.

Do you want practical ideas to create even more success in your business starting today?  

Are you ready to take your influence to a whole new level of leadership in your profession and all areas of your life?

Here’s what you will discover in this book:

  • Increase your influence as a professional in ethical and positive ways few people even know exist.
  • Attract new clients and increase your income while creating even more free time for yourself.
  • Discover the peak moments to promote yourself and your services.
  • Find out how to take holidays every year while growing your business at the same time.  
  • Unpack the secrets of understanding human behaviour to bring out the best in yourself as a leader.
  • Create the successful business of your dreams.

The Lateral Thinking Entrepreneur – 33 Strategies for transforming your Business Success

In her new book The Lateral Thinking Entrepreneur – 33 Strategies for transforming your Business Success, Madelaine Cohen shares the 33 easy to use and amazing strategies for business success. She will take you on a journey to switch on your lateral thinking as you find the pathways successfully to reverse engineer how you get results.


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The Lateral-Thinking Entrepreneur

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