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“Madeleine Cohen’s The Lateral-Thinking Entrepreneur lives up to its title – a captivating book taking the reader through the world of becoming a true professional Entrepreneur in business. Madeleine’s real life experience comes to life, providing an abundance of insights and a practical step – by – step guide that will shave years off your learning curve.

The Lateral-Thinking Entrepreneur is a fantastic resource to both aspiring business owners, entrepreneurs, consultations and seasoned professionals. A must – read!”

Peter Anton

Affiliate and Online Marketing, Coach, Mentor and Leadership Development



“Madeleine exudes enthusiasm and passion for entrepreneurship and wealth building with the desire to share her knowledge and passion. I particularly like Madeleine’s philosophy, thoughts on everyone’s ability to build wealth and principles for expansive leadership.

The Lateral-Thinking Entrepreneur book is brilliantly written, masterful distillation of the leading principles and processes available today for creating real wealth in your life.”

Marie-France Garon

Affiliate and Online Marketing, Coach, Mentor and Leadership Development


Passionate, practical and purposeful…… describe Madelaine Cohen. I do not believe we can live long enough on this earth to make all the mistakes and learn all the lessons we need to. Why not learn from the best?

Madelaine has many years experience working with corporates and health professionals learning the meaning of success; helping business owners make smart decisions about business and money.

Madelaine has identified the success concepts and practical steps that people can take on a day-to-day basis to transform a business from mediocre to systemised, successful and rewarding for all stakeholders.

Her books capture the essence of her 25 years of experience…..transforming lives and business.

Dennis Jones

Certified Financial Planner

CCA Financial Planners


Madelaine is very inspiring and a true leader.  I love her enthusiasm to give back to the community. Madelaine’s words are a timely reminder that the power of manifestation; expressions of gratitude and working with a team more can be achieved together! I have no doubt her words will inspire others as you have me.

Christopher Cachia

Certified Financial Planner

CCA Financial Planners


“As a business woman, I utilize all manners of social media daily; what I do not do is issue recommendations for those who I cannot speak with certainty and experience of. With Madelaine, it is a pleasure to say that if you are savvy enough to engage her expertise and services, you have added a significant benefit to your circle of business excellence. Madelaine can talk the talk and walk the walk; she has years of proven business results in all financial climates to validate her formulas for success.

Madelaine listens, engages and supports people in a calm and caring manner and easily builds trust and rapport. I highly recommend Madelaine as a train the trainer expert and general business advisor.”

Helen Treloar

Leadership Developmentalist – Coach Mentor Trainer Confidante


I have known Madelaine for several years and have witnessed her unique panache and passion for business, entrepreneurialism and marketing and would have no hesitation in recommending her to any business, individual or organisation looking to engage Madelaine.

Madelaine has a breadth of experience including start-ups, successful businesses and consultancy and her experience coupled with her infectious drive and determination as well as knowledge enable her to coach and empower others with little effort.

When Madelaine gets involved in a new project, she is 150% committed and just makes it work and her latest venture proves just that.

You will never regret your decision to engage or work with Madelaine, just do it.

Kylie Green

Managing Director – Activations, MKTG Australia at Dentsu Aegis Network

The skill set for Leadership is  forever evolving. If you have tertiary qualified in the past 3 years or the past 20 years, the fundamentals of corporate management don’t alter a great deal.

I have been a Truck Driver, Commercial Pilot, Business owner, Bank Manager and latterly I am revisiting leadership and management in Retail Banking once again.

The passion and purpose you discover for yourself as a leader I believe is very personal and there is no real right way but plenty of Mistakes can be made I can attest to the latter ! Personally I found  great peace and encouragement reading your lesson on this – I’m urging all leaders to take particular note here, it could just be that element that tinkers on success or not quite so successful.

It takes extraordinary courage to continue to learn and develop your leadership skills, I search and read and am still tertiary studying now…

What I found in reading this book is the most profound dimensional shift in leadership and management in  easy to learn format  that I have read in the past 5 years.

This book will test you, it is not a book to skim through, it is a philosophy built on sensible common sense approach that will bring immediate Balance into your Emotional, Physical, Mental, Spiritual and Financial world. It is a must have in 2016 in all leadership roles.

It will challenge your beliefs, set new ones in place and refocus you in the most unusual and interesting way I have experienced yet.

We are working with people and people are changing, – they don’t change yearly! Just like you don’t! Are we listening? Are we being Congruent? Are these things really important? What are behaviours? How do your actions precede you daily? If you thought that Management and Leadership was a title  having letters after your name…let me leave you with this…

I will never look at the holistic “Nanu Nanu” the same…who would have thought 25 years later that I would resonate with such a simple TV show! – In Retail Banking the leadership spectrum is easy to follow and a must for coping with behaviours that are unexpected nor welcomed..to distance yourself and to Lead through this is probably the biggest take away strategy that has enhanced my own skills in the past 4 weeks.

Madelaine eludes to movies and watching the scenes play out…so are we actually the main actor in our own movie or are we the props? Which role is your destiny?

Madelaine  Cohen – Thank you for sharing your insights in a timely well thought out book, I can’t wait to have this one on my library shelf along with more to come. Having kept it simple you have added some dimensional challenging shifts that I still am working through but isn’t it great to be challenged and to learn to understand…?

The Lateral –thinking Entrepreneur – 33 Principles of expansive leadership, will bring together Personality profiling at the most basic and useful of techniques – Your Leadership and Management skills can only be enhanced here. – It is without doubt the “Point of Difference”

Lance Harding

Bank Manager

Bank of Queensland


I am one of the lucky people in this world who are fortunate enough to know Madelaine both personally and professionally. She is both strategic and detail-oriented, and always knows inherently what is best for her clients. Madelaine is extremely passionate about health and well-being and practises it in her everyday life, so it is wonderful to see her combine her passion with her business acumen. She is an absolute wonder woman whom I hope you all have the pleasure of working with at some point in your life.

Pip Davis

Director, Group Business Development ANZ at Collinson Group



Madelaine Cohen

Madelaine Cohen
Madelaine is a successful business leader and entrepreneur with a deep generosity in how she shares her most innovative communication strategies and “light bulb moment” experiences in leadership development, communications, marketing planning, commercialisation, sales, business and financial success. Her approach is innovative, entertaining and above all incredibly practical and life changing. Read more...

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