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Who is Madelaine Cohen?

Madelaine Cohen is a successful business leader and entrepreneur. Generous in sharing her most innovative communication strategies and “light bulb moment” experiences. These are quite beneficial in leadership development, communications, marketing planning, commercialisation, sales, business and financial success. Her approach is innovative, entertaining and above all incredibly practical and life changing.

Madelaine Cohen as a Businesswoman

A businesswoman who’s self-made success involves working with Government based organisation and some of the largest companies in the world. With 25 years of experience as an entrepreneur, accredited training leader, mindsets expert, speaker, and mentor. The leadership capability she has is expansive. Such capability allows her to deliver results for senior executives and helps business owners.  At the age of 20, she retired to be an entrepreneur. Eventually, she has inspiring stories of hard work, immense personal and professional challenges, opportunities and success.  As a business mentor, she gets right to the point, compresses years and sometimes decades of learning into a session. And this created an immediate breakthrough.

Profitable and Innovative Multi-million Dollar Marketing Programs

In the early-1990’s, Madelaine started her first business as a consumer products marketing which comprise of consulting for 15 years to Olympic, Commonwealth, and Asian Games Committees. Her team delivered profitable and innovative multi-million dollar marketing programs to major sporting event organising committees globally.  At the same time, she consulted and became the owner of a clinic in the healthcare industry.


How is She as the owner of Chirofamily Chirosports

She is the owner of Chirofamily Chirosports a well loved Chiropractic clinic in Sydney’s Eastern Suburbs. It was established for more than 20 years. She’s probably one of the only non-practitioner owners of a successful independent healthcare practice in Chiropractic industry in Australia.  This success in diverse business interests is attributed to her mindset, leadership, and marketing. Intuitive, a lateral thinker and reverses engineers business opportunities with formidable success.   As a business mentor, Madelaine’s experience and expertise transform draining to amazing with step by step solutions and immediate results. Likewise, she’s an entertaining keynote speaker,  marketing and brand expert who mentors business people in the service sector. This is to help them truly excel in professional development, communication excellence, influence, wealth creation, and leadership.


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Madelaine Cohen

Madelaine Cohen
Madelaine is a successful business leader and entrepreneur with a deep generosity in how she shares her most innovative communication strategies and “light bulb moment” experiences in leadership development, communications, marketing planning, commercialisation, sales, business and financial success. Her approach is innovative, entertaining and above all incredibly practical and life changing. Read more...

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